About Alfa1lab

Alfa1lab was founded in Denmark in 1997 by Thorkild B. Westergaard and Kenneth Bengtsson. Our first product was a provisioning platform for Internet Service Providers. We called the product Access. And the vision: to make Internet as easily available as turning on your computer.

The same year Alfa1lab opened a software development facility in Lithuania to intensify the development of Access, and we began offering our experience and resources with offshore development to clients in Scandinavia – a product we have been continuing ever since, and today makes up the main part of our organisation.

Access was a highly successful product. So successful in fact, that in the year 2000, around 80% of all Internet users in Scandinavia had been provisioned by our software and our customers counted almost all the major Telco’s and ISP’s in Scandinavia, including TDC, Telia, Orange, Tiscali and Cybercity (Telenor). That same year we undertook development of a new product named regDB, a satellite licensing and provisioning platform.

The regDB also proved to be a huge success when already the year after, in 2001, we installed regDB at the European Tele and Radio Communications Office – the department under the Central European Post and Telegraph responsible for all radio and telecommunication regulations for 42 countries. In 2002, Inmarsat, a multi governmental company responsible for around 80% of all satellite communication in the world, chose regDB as the regulatory database service for their BGAN and BGAN-R services.

Today, Alfa1lab has strongholds in several European countries as well as in the United States, and in 2007 we expanded into Latin America to continue our company tradition for offshore outsourcing and always being the best at what we do.