Company Values

At Alfa1lab we follow high ideals of quality, efficiency and responsibility, professionally as well as socially. We understand that the key to our success is the success of our customers. By providing highly educated people with meaningful and stimulating work, we assure that our people are always motivated – for the success of our customers, our employees and the company.

The "Alfa1bet"

Internally at Alfa1lab we uphold a set of values, called the "Alfa1bet". When working at projects for our customers and ourselves, we are:
  • Always responsible, helping each other and our surroundings
  • Leaders in technology, always on the forefront of the development
  • Fair in all that we do, to our selves and to the people we work with
  • Achievers who always reach the goals we set, however high
  • 1 – we are number one in everything we do!
  • Liable for our actions – we take responsibility for what we do
  • Accountable: We always keep our promises
  • Believers in what we do and in our corporate values